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Profesional Event Photography
Onsite printing and mobile studio

How would you like:

  • A Website where all the images of the event can be displayed
  • Green Screen Photography
  • Straight Photography of Corporate Events
  • To offer your Customers and Friends a digital copy of your event to take home?

Eventpics specializes in Photography and On Site Printing. We transfer images to computers with special software; these pictures are manipulated and enhanced to produce a print within seconds - on site. In an instant in time we can produce photographs with frames or borders; insert company logos or themed backgrounds and magazine templates.

Another favourite is Green Screen Photography. This is where a photograph is taken against a green screen and then the image is dropped into a predetermined background that fits the theme of the evening. In this way you could find yourselves surrounded by the Paparazzi or winning the Grand Prix; riding a camel in Egypt or on a romantic gondola in Venice. This can all be done in a Black and White, Sepia, Antique or Colour - the choice is yours.

As part of this technology change, eventPics hosts a web site where all the images of the event can be displayed. These can be viewed by guests and they are able to down load the images.

EventPics also offer straight photography of Corporate Events, Executive Portraits, Team Building Exercises and Product Launches. We also do Annual Reports, Advertising Photography and Product Shots for news releases and catalogues.


Jenny Rahme


Legends and Divas Saturday

Jenny Rahme


Legends and Divas Sunday